Ryan eddy Lutz, and the Public problem

HI My name is Ryan Eddy Lutz and when I was 28, I had a major brain incident.  
Doctors still do not know what caused it , but it left a dead spot of tissue in my brain.  

Back then  I was desperate, sick, nauseous, and close to giving up.  

So sick I actually made a video describing my last wishes, in case.   I did not make it, because  It was a terrifying time walking around without a proper diagnosis, and feel sick.

The attack

And that was when it all went wrong.  
Since the medical doctors could not find the problem, I turned to alternative medicine doctors.

functional medicine

All of them attacked me with their money making schemes.  In my time of desperation.  

There I was having a medical emergency, akin to a stroke.  And they were selling me every  pill, potion, lotion, and treatment  under the sun.  

My misfortune, their payday.  
Did you  think this is right?  
Have your friends or family been taken advantage of?

A common alternative medicine problem

Much Alternative Medicine being worthless.  Some of it even fraudulent....  

And we are going to discuss that,  And how their lawyers keep them out of jail.   And more that just educating people.  We are ALSO creating an accounting, an inventory of the Schemers so that they can be held accountable.  

Have you potentially been a victim ?   Please take the 1 minute survey, and we will tell you if you were a victim or a scheme, or full blown criminal fraud.