Is Hypnosis real ?

What is the first thing that a hypnotist does?  
Do they immediately start "hypnotizing"  people?
Do they test people first,
Experimenting with the audience to see who is best to "hypnotize."

Targeted ?

The truth is, hypnosis is 100% fake.  Just like pro wrestling and the Easter bunny. 

When someone is hypnotized, they are really just faking.  And that is why the hypnotist spends so much time at the beginning of the show discovering who to hypnotize.

He is  looking for the drama queen in the audience.  
He is  discovering who is wanting attention.

Even if it means pretending to be nude, or having turned into a chicken.  

And that is EXACTLY what unethical doctors and other Snake oil salesmen are doing.  Just like the hypnotist, they are looking for people.  Vulnerable people.