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the report

Their bubble is getting burst, Did you read the report yet?  

They tested weight loss and health articles for Scientific accuracy, and guess what?? 

Spoiler alert.   Less than half are credible!  In summary, only 30% are rated as credible.  link


And these were news sites like Time and Huffington post.
Imagine if they tested supplement sales sites such as Dr Josh Axe, Food Boob, or Mercola.  


10 years ago I began to notice there was a problem.  
Now as an award winning clinician, with the ability find and scrutinize the science, I can guarantee there is a problem.     The data strongly suggests that 76% of chiropractors are diagnosing FAKE conditions.  

And the supplement sales people are worse.  The truth is, we cannot measure it.  For the same reason we cannot measure Santa Claus weight.  

Have you noticed many of the schemes are perpetuated by license doctors ??  Is it time that we do something about that?!  Right?  Are you ready to stand up and fight Fraud and Health schemes!?

If not for your self, do it for the people who are too ignorant to know the truth.    Please take the 1 minute survey, and this will help assess if you were a victim of a scheme, or perhaps even criminally punishable fraud.

And if you are looking for real nutrition advice, for weight loss or general health, please reference this list of credible resources.  People who will help with long term progress, instead of short term results and expensive and unhelpful supplements.  click here for credible nutrition. 

If you have potentially been a