Fraud versus Schemes

"In conclusion, there are still few data on the potential efficacy of CAM in autism, and no evidence­ based recommendation could be done so far for the use of such therapies."  (1)

"Promising results are reported for music therapy, sensory integration therapy, acupuncture, and massage."

Fraud or Scheme ?

Let me ask you.  Do you think chiropractic adjustments can help autistic children?

Chiropractic is 100% not proven to help autistic children.  There are zero (credible) studies that have established that link.  Yet, there are chiropractors and other medical professionals participating in events for parents of autistic children.  

So, what gives?

Desperate Parents?

So, let me ask you

Do you think this is deceptive?
To setup events for parents of autistic children
giving parents hope.

When the reality is, the methods sold and advocated have ZERO credible evidence.  

Tired, desperate, and frustrated  parents being lured to  events with hope of helping their children

Only to have their money flushed away.


Surprisingly, these type behaviors are  NOT FRAUD.  

Luring desperate parents with unproven treatment NOT Fraud.    
Selling desperate Cancer victims unproven treatments is not fraud
Preying on DESPERATE people is not usually Fraudulent.  

AND THIS is why these schemes can NOT be stopped by lawyers and the State.  So that means, we must fight back, in another way.  

And that way, is Education.  

Isnt it time we start to fight back?  The best way, is to quantify those whom have been hurt by these schemes and frauds.   LINK

1.  Hendren, R. L. (2016). Complementary and Alternative (Biomedical) Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder,301-320. doi:10.1093/med/9780199349722.003.0017