is my chiropractor scamming me?

is my chiropractor scamming me?   This is asked to google 480 times EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Because people want to know, and  that is a super hard question to answer.    Looking for an ethical chiropractor who will help you?  And trying to avoid the schemes?  

The QUICK answer to is my chiropractor scamming me.   If you say  YES to either one of these questions below, then it is likely you are caught in a chiropractic scheme.

  • He/She prescribed more than 10 visits 
  • He/she is selling Pre-paid treatments plans

The below organizations represent approximately 3-24% of honest chiropractors.  

If you do not use a chiropractor from these guides, you are VERY likely to end up in a scheme.     The answer to is my chiropractor scamming me, will likely be a big yes! because it is documented that 76% of the profession are diagnosing fake conditions, and selling worthless treatments.  

READ the science at bottom of this page if in doubt.

First, click the FTCA logo below.  This will open a new window in your browser.    Look at the map and see there is an ethical FTCA chiropractor near you.  The FTCA does a great job of policing, and getting rid of unethical chiropractors,  for your safety.  

If you do not find anyone in your area, email these organizations to see if they can help you.  Best, of luck.