Chiropractic Good or Bad?

chiropractic good or bad, is a real common question asked on google, and Ive got answers

You see, I was going to keep it buried.  
Take these secrets to the grave.   No reason to bring it up

But then I think about  your hard earned money, wasted.    
And, its not just the money

We are talking about lives lost, Health and vitality robbed, Schemed away
By the VERY licensed doctors Claiming they are going to help you.  
Claiming that they know the answer to your problem, and

for just $60 per visit,
Just $60 per bottle of supplements, 
Just $60 for this Treatment, 

Instead, I'll show you the truth

Clubbed nails= Likely a nail Lung disease!

A life threatening problem on xray!  

And the clinic owner wants to ignore the problem.  Her Name was Ann G.  She lived in Greenville, South Carolina.  Do you think I am going to live with THAT on my conscious...  All for some money!!

(Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm.)  You see, that was not the first time.  

This was not the first time I saw a doctor hiding a life threatening disease.  Hi, My name is Dr Ryan Lutz.  And Im not just a licensed physician, Im also a recognized as top clinical Doctor in National Licensure examinations. 

And that means, I know my stuff better than 99.99%.  

And Im not selling anything.  Except Justice.  And if you or a loved one have visited an alternative medicine doctor, it is CRITICAL that you understand the truth. 

WE may not be able to get back the wasted time, effort, or money.  But we may.  And its very important for you to pay close attention if you have seen a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist,  functional medicine doctor, and especially if you have bought even 1 alternative medicine like Turmeric.  You want to pay close attention!

clubbed nails, female, heavy smoker...  

2012 was the first time I realized the real danger to the public.

We will call her TINA.:
Female, heavy smoker, leathery dark wrinkled skin, made her appear to be 80 years old.   But her weathered hands showed  the truth.  This was a hard weathered and worn mill worker.  The type of person who REALLY got screwed over by the bad political maneuvers.  And we owed it to Tina to provide her the best medical care possible.  

And her hands were telling us a more specific story.  Clubbed nails, plus the dank odor of musty cigarettes ashe trays made it clear TINA was a VERY heavy smoker.  

And what that means, clubbed nails, heavy smoker.  Lung pathology is likely.  Cancer at the top of that list.  

 "Hey Dr. XXXXX, I think that lady may have a lung disease!  
- heavy smoker
- clubbed nails
- lethargy
- cough

His answer...

"No she does not."

Protecting or Pilfering??

That was when I knew there was a bigger problem. 
Did he steal her life?  By ignoring the problem?

And Ill tell you that it gets worse.  This was not just some regular chiropractor.  This gentleman was a veteran chiropractor with 20+ years of experience, formerly the head of the state board.

Meaning he was the person responsible for protecting the public.  He was the person who was responsible for punishing chiropractors who endanger the lives of the public.

And instead of protecting, he is literally ignoring what was possibly cancer.  .  

This is a real deal, common danger in this field, where people prioritize the wrong things, and ignore patient needs.  

How many lives lost??

Ive personally gone to the Head of My state board in the State of Florida.   Reporting the Gross abuses, fake diagnosis, and other horrible atrocities I witnessed while working for the largest chiropractic group in the US..  

And nothing happened to these schemers.  
Nothing ever will.
They will get away with unethical scheme and fruadulent acts until we all unite.  And stop the madness. 
 We must stand up, Stand up and fight.  

Some bad eggs

Have you seen Willie Wonka, with Gene Wilder.  You probably didnt thin too much about it, but that movie is  about Bad Eggs getting killed off.  Remember.

one kid drowns in chocolate,
two kids explode,
The other girl who wanted the golden goose egg,  She FALLs in the incinerator!!  

And they all died in the movie, because of GREED.  The same thing that is fueling health care fraud, and schemes.  And its not Just chiropractors, and its not ALL chiropractors.   There are some great chiropractors who are excellent.

Sadly,  in 2019, most chiropractors are diagnosing fake problems.  And the proof is below.  

The top science suggest that:

1.   Chiropractors are diagnosing people with "fake problems."
2.  Chiropractors are selling treatments proven to be worthless

3.  And 76% of chiropractors are doing IT!   

Want to read the Science?  click the links

link 1   (Hills study)
link 2   (Miritz study)

link 3   (McDonald, 1102 participants in study)

A lost cause?

So, if 76% are crooked, what can we do?
If the state board leaders, (the people charged with protecting the public) are in on the money making scheme.  

What can you do?

What can will you do?

That is the point of this site,  We need to organize.  And slowly fighting back. And this starts by organizing, and HELPING people understand:

1.  What is Proven and what is snake oil.
2.  The differences between Fraud, medicare fraud, etc.  
3.  Identify the doctors committing Fraud, in your community!
4.  Organize, and take these reports to the appropriate authorities, at the right time! 

Take this 30 second quiz now, to get started and help us fight back .  This quiz will tell you if you were a victim.