Alternative Medicine

Have you noticed all these Alternative Medicine sales pitches vaguely disguised as  "Health" posts
on Instagram, Google, and Facebook?  Apparently, we need

teas for  weight loss, 
functional medicine for function?
chiropractic for cancer prevention
homeopathy for magic water..
organic food for ?
supplement, supplements, supplements

And when you see these ads on Instagram or Facebook,  do you think?


"Alternative Medicine Is a $34 Billion Industry,

But Only One-Third of the Treatments Have Been Tested"

That was the title of a Smithsonian Magazine article.,"Every year 34 thousand MILLION is spent on   "Alternative Medicine, but   Only 1/3 of all that has even been tested. " 

And that does not mean 1/3 worked.  That just means it was tested!  

Think about for a second.  
34 thousand,

Are you starting to see why the public danger?   The internet has changed the world.   The government and FTC have not Fully adapted to protect the public, yet.  

Lets talk about that.  NEXT