alternative medicine internet schemes

Alternative medicine internet schemes are the norm.  
Because the internet can be so negative.  
With all the political stuff, 
the negative news,

Is right now,  going into 2020 the greatest time to be alive??

The best time to be alive?

  • Lifespan has nearly doubled in the last 100 years.  
  • The internet gives free access to information(some good, some bad)
  • Now, when a parent says that to a child, you cn be anything when you grow up."  Its actually true.    

Santa is not real.  Can you and I  agree on that?
Magical happen
But, "Magic" is not real.  

Magicians cant levitate.
Magicians can't saw someone in half
They don't make rabbits in their hats.  

Agree?  Its fun to watch,  but magic is fake.

Its really A distraction of your 5 senses.  
Psychological tricking of your mind.  
Mental loopholes, in your subconscious.  
Making it seem they are doing the impossible.  But what really is happening??

The Un-magical Truth

So what is really happening when a Magician is doing his work?  

ITs the same thing that happens with alternative medicine internet schemes

and sleazy car dealers
and sleazy timeshare salesmen
unethical internet marketers.
sleazy drunk guys at the bar

And what they are doing?
Making it seem as if they are helping you.   Just so they can get that they want!  Which is usually your money,   NEXT