Fraud And Chiropractic

Fraud and  Schemes run deep inChiropractic runs deep.  

And it doesnt apply to all chiropractors, but statistically, it is MOST of the profession.   76% of the profession are part of the scheme, and you can read the study HERE.   And it is rampant, with these people targeting people through churches, employers, and throughout your communities.   Smiling doctors ,  young and old selling treatments for fake conditions, with 0 proven benefit.  

And how do I know?   I was very briefly one of the scheming chiropractors for a couple months post graduation.  As a clinical award winning chiropractor, Ive worked in the clinics and seen first hand the dangerous schemes.  And I WANT TO PUT A STOP to it. 

And I want you to learn to identify ethical and honest doctors and chiropractors.    And Ill tell you how to do that in a moment


 and  I want to tell you about visiting with  my granny   Like clockwork, the phone rings.   In her 80s, hard of hearing, easily confused.   It ANOTHER Telemarketers.

You see, telemarketers, they  are always calling, 
pretending  to be the IRS,  
her bank 

Telemarketers call, trying to trick the elderly..... pretending to be  local government, the insurance company, the hospital, a relative in need.   

And here is where it gets interesting.  Those harassing phone calls, while UN-ethical, those calls are not  illegal.  

The companies will not get shut down.
They cant be sued.
They really cant be LEGALLY, stopped.    

So what can you do?  

Organized crime?

You see, those companies go around TRICKING people YES.
And here is where it relates to fraud, and chiropractic.  

Because the low down dirty cheating liars, ARE NOT actually committing fraud.  Not  in the technical, legal sense.  

They use complex and words, and confuse the elderly and desperate.  

And that is EXACTLY what is going on with unethical Alternative medicine Doctors....  

They use confusing words, and mind tricks to convince desperate people. 
AND the unethical doctors, are no different than the unethical phone scammers.  

And in this report, we are examining  how unethical "doctors," websites, and gurus work, and how you can fight back.  NEXT